1, How can I invest CoinXP token?
We are still at private fund-raising stage. The fund raising is open to accredited institutional investors with full KYC complied with Singapore law governed terms and conditions. Individuals can not invest at current stage until we are open to the public. Please stay tuned and pay close attention to our website.
2, How can I experiment with CoinXP testnet?
Please join our official Telegram group at t.me/cxp2dm to apply for Invitation Code with your “name”, “country”, and “occupation” and at “@” “CXP Believer”, for example: input “George Lee, Singapore, quant-trader @CXP Believer”, and you will get Invitation Code to access our testnet at https://demo.coinxp.io
3, Can I open an exchange on CoinXP chain and what shall I do?
Any entity with local permission/license for cryptocurrency exchanges, brokers or entity with user traffic can operate their own exchanges with CoinXP technical and liquidity services support and get the commission fee rewarded. To inquire about opening exchange or becoming a CoinXP broker please fill out the form below, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeJNZnGlsQz-i1giQkVL6vMTfwBHOOuIlMzZzN7i-kOE415Aw/viewform?usp=pp_url or email us at info@coinxp.io
4, What competitive advantages will you have with CoinXP infrastructure?
Safe - Decentralized custody and CoinXP threshold signature protect your assets from being hacked or embezzled; User experience - Your users enjoys the same smooth and low latency trading experiences provided by other centralized exchanges; Liquidity - Even you only have one user to trade in your exchange, he/she can enjoy the sufficient liquidity provided by a union of exchanges, Dapps, brokers powered by CoinXP main chain; Profitable - We compensate the commission fee of all transactions in your exchange. Cost-saving - The CoinXP main chain reduces your operation costs and provides your users best matching price through cross- exchanges order matching.
5, Where can I talk to CoinXP team in person?
We'd like to hear from you in CoinXP official Telegram group at t.me/cxp2dm, we will answer all your questions and let you know our meetups.